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Unhitch-A-Stitch July 20, 2024

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July 9

Dropped a stitch? Trying a new cast off? Unsure about a specific pattern instruction? Wool-Tyme's Unhitch-A-Stitch on Tuesday mornings this summer will allow you to get some one-on-one time with an instructor.  The instructor is able to help with knitting and crochet issues. Sessions are available in 15 min intervals: if it's a quick unhitching you need, book 20 min., if you think you need more time, book 2 sessions in a row. If you need longer than that, our private lessons are still available. 

We will take walk-ins if available, yet booked sessions will take priority. 

Each 20 min. session is $10.

Note: There will be no refunds cancelled  within 24 hours before the session.