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Margot Creations de Paris

"La Chouette" Needlepoint Canvas - Margot 72.2223

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Sweet little barn owl at night.

Canvas Size: 30 cm x 40 cm

Price is for Canvas only - DMC Tapestry Wool must be purchased separately.

DMC Tapestry Wool Requirement List:

1 skein each of the following - Blanc, 7905, 7055, 7505, 7059, 7479, 7715, 7284, 7555, 7598, 7861, 7624;
2 skeins each of the following - 7650, 7318

Click here for DMC Tapestry Wool.

Wool-Tyme carries an extensive selection of needlepoint canvases in many sizes and in a variety of themes.  

What we're showing on our website is just a fraction of what we have in stock.  If you're looking for something different, feel free to google search the SEG de Paris and Margot Creations de Paris websites and email us with any canvas numbers you're interested in.