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Jawoll Superwash Sock Yarn

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Jawoll - tried and tested a million times and for many years a sock wool classic - including reinforcement yarn for heels and toes to extend the life of your socks!

Lang Yarns Jawoll is the Rolls Royce of sock yarns. The wool is sourced from Corriedale sheep: for JAWOLL only the finest wool from Chilean Patagonia is used. During shearing the best parts of the fleece are selected and sorted out. The average thickness, the diameter of the fibre, is just 25 microns (1 micron = 1/1000 mm) so the wool feels very soft and is very comfortable to wear. The finished yarn is highly resistant to pilling (knot forming). In every 50g ball there is a spool of reinforcement yarn for knitting in to strengthen heels and toes. This will increase the lifespan of your socks. Due to the superior quality of the fibres Jawoll is also excellent for baby or toddler knits.


  • Content:  75% Superwash Corriedale Wool, 25% Nylon
  • Meters Per Ball: 210 m                     

  • Yards Per Ball: 229 yds

  • Needle Size/Tension: 2.5-3.5mm | 30sts