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Fiddler's Cloth (Zweigart Rustico)

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Fiddler's Cloth is similar to Aida in its weave, but is made of 50% cotton, 42% polyester, and 8% silk. It comes in 14 and 18 counts and is popular for its rustic oatmeal colouring.  

All fabric is sold as pre-cut fat quarters (approximately 19" x 21")

Zweigart is a family-owned and run company headquartered in Sindelfingen, Germany. Zweigart produces high-quality needlework fabrics and canvases.

The history of this company begins in 1877 when Paul Zweigart and Julius Sawitzki merged together to form one of the leading textile manufacturers. Under the name Zweigart & Sawitzki, they produced top quality fabrics and canvas with knowledge and experience that has been passed down through many generations.