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Addi (Skacel)

Addi Easy Knit (Turbo & Rocket) Circular

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Why struggle with short tipped circular needles when you can use EasyKnits; these 25cm/10” long circular needles feature one short tip and one long tip to help you comfortably grasp the needle while knitting.

This innovative product is sure to turn your small project into a big success; includes these features: lightweight, hollow brass tips for speed and ease, standard points for all-around use, pliable blue nylon cords and snag-free joins.

Easy Knit circulars come with the standard tip, slick turbo finish, smooth joins and pliable cables.

Addi Easy Knit Circular needles have been discontinued and will be replaced by the Addi Easy Knit Rocket, which has 1 long tapered sharp tip and 1 standard tip. 

*** Sizes that have been replaced are identified by "Rocket"