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Gleener Fuzz Remover


Brand Gleener

2-in-1 Product: Includes a lint brush! 3 Fabric-Sensitive Blades: Revives wool, synthetics & blends No Batteries Required: Always ready to use Safe on Fabrics: No tears or pulls Ergonomic Handle: Quick and easy to use

Sally Melville absolutely loves the Gleener. Quoted from the Dec. 7, 2012 entry of Sally's blog (http://sallymelvilleknits.blogspot.ca/):

"I wanted the sweaters that I wanted to show to look perfect--but they had pills that needed removing. And not just pills: a general fluffiness thing was happening that made a really new sweater look old, sad, and worn.

So, nothing to lose, let's try the GLEENER. My electric sweater shaver was okay, and I could use it as a fall back position if this little gadget didn't work. But the electric sweater shaver was only good for pills. Maybe this thing would work against that general fluffiness.

OMG!!!!! Amazing! My sweaters look new! Revitalized! Fabulous! I thought "Every knitter needs one of these! And every knitter needs to give one of these to every knitter she knows!"