April 2024 Newsletter


A Letter to the Customers from Jan

On Wednesday, Mar 20, Diana and I embarked on our European adventure, beginning with a flight into Frankfurt and a scenic train journey to Cologne. Nestled along the majestic Rhine River, Cologne greeted us with its captivating beauty and rich history.

After a brief rest, our first stop was the iconic Cologne Cathedral. Construction of this masterpiece commenced in 1248 and concluded in 1880, resulting in a breathtaking example of Gothic design.

Recognized as a UNESCO World Heritage site, the cathedral's towering spires and intricate details left us in awe of its grandeur.

Then, it was time for dinner, and we settled into Brauhaus Sion, the oldest beer house in Cologne. Built in 1511, the stone building exuded an old-world charm that beckoned us inside. With hearty German cuisine and an impressive selection of local brews, it was the perfect place to fill up on delicious food and even better beer.

Friday morning found us up early and eager to begin our adventures at H & H. The trade show, covering multiple floors of a large exhibition hall, was a bustling hub of creativity and innovation. With vendors hailing from all corners of the globe, it was a truly international affair.

As we navigated through the aisles, we were delighted to encounter familiar faces showcasing Canadian products that we carry right here at Wool-Tyme. Brands like Gleener and our friends at Trailhead stood out among the crowd, proudly representing Canadian craftsmanship on the world stage. 

Saturday brought much of the same excitement and discovery. From vibrant textiles to cutting-edge crafting tools, the show unveiled a treasure trove of new items that captured our imagination. Our friends at Estelle introduced us to come sock celebrities, Mr. Knitbear & Dendennis the authors of several knitting books. We couldn't wait to share these exciting finds with our customers back home, knowing they would love them just as much as we did. That evening found us catching up with our friends from Estelle Designs over a delicious seafood dinner.

After one last look around the show floor on Sunday, it was time for a little bit of shopping. It’s amazing we were able to fit in as much as we did in such a short time.

Monday we went our separate ways, with Diana back to Ottawa, and me heading to Belgium to meet up with my husband.

It was a wonderful adventure, with many memories made and lessons learned. The biggest lesson? Make sure your passport is well secured at all times. 

- Jan

 Item of the Month

The Organic Cottage Sock line of yarn was selected as the item of the month because it is a proudly Canadian and family-run company located in Nova Scotia. Fleece Artist creates beautiful hand dyed yarns that often include a Canadian theme, such as the National Parks. Their sister brand Handmaiden creates stunning luxury hand dyed yarns. Buy online and in store today.

What's New...



Urth Bonmoher – Wool-Tyme                    Urth #16 Fingering – Wool-Tyme

Metamorphosis Sock – Wool-Tyme                 Cotton Silk Tweed – Wool-Tyme

Needle Minder from Trailhead                Buttons & Beads Spring Series - 2024 

...It Gets Better...

Riverside Studio DK – Wool-Tyme        Zooey Stripes – Wool-Tyme

Paraiso – Wool-Tyme                               Coastal Cotton Fine - Ocean Mist 

...What's Next

Local Yarn Shop Day - Come join us on Saturday April 27th for a day of drinks and activities! We are partnering with Nita Beer located in our plaza offering you refreshments all afternoon. There will be an hour of yarn-related activities with prizes. See you there!

Learn to Crochet: Level One - Held over two classes, this course is for those who have never crocheted before. Focus will be basic stitches like chain stitch, single and double crochet, joining in new yarn, good tension and even edges. Includes yarn, hook and a simple pattern to practice what you learn.

Learn to Knit: Beginner - This 4 day course is for those who have never knit before.  Each class will be 2 hours in length. Supplies will be provided.

West Yorkshire Spinners

Meet & Greet / Trunk Show - Sarah Hatton and Danielle Deane will be bringing a special trunk show collection of garments. Danielle presents the British Wool story which is fascinating as well as a look behind the scenes at West Yorkshire Spinners.

Shawl Workshop - In this workshop, Sarah will guide you through a brand-new shawl project she has designed for West Yorkshire Spinners. Sarah will explore topics such as yarn weight and fibre content of yarn selections with participants.


Bloom – Wool-Tyme                                        Ayumi – Wool-Tyme

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